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61" AJ Slick 540

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61" AJ Slick 540
61' AJ Slick 540
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The 411:
  • Wing Span - 61"
  • Wing Area-
  • Length - 56 1/4" (Without spinner)
  • AUW (dry) - 5 - 6 lbs.
  • Electric Power - AJ4025-14P/485KV 5S-6S, 90amp ESC (5s 3700-4400mah)/(6s 3000-4000mah) 1400-1600 watts
  • Radio - 5 channel with 4 high torque mini servos
Recommended CG Range and Control Throws
  • The center of gravity (CG) range for the 61" AJ Slick 540 is located 1/2" in front of the wing tube. (+/- 1/2")
  • Aileron Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Elevator Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 20 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Rudder Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - Max Throw (50% Exp)
What's in the box:
  • NEW - Carbon-Kevlar plywood construction!
  • NEW - Carbon-Kevlar reinforced landing gear mount!
  • NEW - Carbon-Kevlar reinforced firewall!
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear
  • Carbon fiber tail gear
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Pre-hinged control surfaces ready to be glued
  • G10 fiberglass control horns
  • Ultralight foam wheels
  • Heavy duty steel axles
  • Quick install, pre-drilled wheel pants
  • Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires (pushrod also included for push-pull option)
  • High quality ball links & pushrods for all control surfaces
  • Extra hardware bag for spares
  • Velcro for battery restraint
  • Optional SFGs included
  • Foil Wing bags
  • All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote (White HANU870, True Red HANU866, Midnight Blue HANU885, Cub Yellow HANU884)
NOTE: This product is shipped in a single box measuring 52"L x 20"W x 10"H ( 20 lbs. total).

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:
Also needed to complete:

Customer Reviews
Rating 61" Slick 540
Great kit, quality is excellent with no problems or issues with the build. First time I setup a pull/pull and the video help was perfect. Great flying aircraft as well, definitely suggest AJ. Xpwr 22 motor, talon 90, 16X7 falcon prop, promodeler DS160's on the rudder and elevator with the DS110's on the ailerons. 2S 1350mah. Aura 8. 3300mah-4000mah flys great. Still playing with battery placement.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington. - 12/12/2020
Rating 61" Slick 540, Excellent!!!
Just returned from the maiden flight ( 4 flights total), I am extremely happy with my purchase. Kit arrived in perfect condition thanks to the excellent packaging. The build went smoothly , I especially like the hardware included , pushrods assembled smooth and easily. I went with the pull pull set up and plane balances perfect with a 6S 3300 ( about 2 inches in front of wing tube ) . Running the AJ4020 motor with a Castle Talon 90 and a 16x8 Xoar prop, ProModeler DS160 servos at 8v . Motor has tons of power. The Plane tracked perfect from takeoff and flew great! Tumbles like crazy and slows down to harrier very smooth. I am looking forward to more flights with this plane! This is my first AJ plane and I am impressed with everything so far. Excellent customer service and fast shipping as well. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from san diego. - 8/26/2020
Rating 61 inch Slick 540
Great packaging of plane and every thing came out of the box perfect. One thing of note, is that elevator servo cut out and rudder servo cut out are not across from each other. I used a push/pull rudder set up, but would use a pull/pull, if I had to do it again. Servo in far tail caused me to move my 3300mm lipo way forward. I think this would of been stopped if I would of put rudder servo in pull/pull position. On maiden it flew super, with a couple of clicks of trim. This is a super plane, for those who want a mid size aerobatic plane, at a great price.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Penfield N.Y.. - 8/9/2020
Right from the start it tracked like a dream. The kit arrived in perfect shape. Setup was easy and fairly painless. I used 1.25" servo arms on the ailerons and elevator. I am using a motrofly motor controlled by a talon 90 with a 6s setup with hitec 7245's all the way around. My setup flights were around 7 mins each with plenty to spare. I can tell this plane is way above my abilities! AJ has always done a great job with customer service. I will be back for more planes!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bellingham, WA. - 5/11/2020
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