AJ Aircraft is a collaboration of family members Tim, Linda, Joe, and Andrew Jesky.  We have been a family owned business since 2014; below is a brief history of how AJ Aircraft came to be.

Twenty-five years ago, a gentleman by the name of Paul Flocarri took both Joe and Andrew under his wing (no pun intended) and taught them all he knew about flying, building and pilot camaraderie.  A few years ago, we were reminiscing about the fun times, great people, and awesome places we have been because of flying, and how Paul’s strong influence and philosophy of paying it forward molded our family.  We asked each other how can we give back to the flying community, that is when AJ aircraft became a plan.  

Our goal is to bring to you the very best in quality designed radio controlled aircraft and accessories.  Our products are backed with superior customer service and support that comes from over 75 years of combined aero modeling experience.  Andrew will not put his name on something that he would not fly himself, so quality and accuracy are our number one priority.   

In the 5 years that this partnership/business has been in existence we have introduced the Laser 230Z line, the ARS300 line, the Raven, our Acuity and Proteus pattern ship lines, and just recently the AJ Slick 540.   All of our planes have special design enhancements to the aircraft that increase the performance envelope for even the most demanding maneuvers you can throw at it, those who demand the ultimate in precision, or for those who are just Sunday flyers and want to feel good about their flights.  Our planes are in development for many months and tested to ensure the aircraft will give you the best performance possible, allowing you to UP YOUR GAME! 

 Look for more new and exciting designs coming soon!!

- The Jesky Family