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Safety Precautions and Warnings

  • All of AJ Aircraft’s airframes have gone through many stages of extensive testing to ensure a high quality kit which results in a safe and reliable airframe when assembled properly.   Poor assembly practices along with substandard equipment will lead to an unsafe model
  • This product should not be considered a toy, but rather a sophisticated, working model that functions much like a full-scale airplane.  Our products are not intended for use by small children.  Anyone 14 years of age or younger should always be assisted by an adult while using our products.  
  • The safe operation of this model is your responsibility and yours alone.  If you are a beginner or have never flown a model of this caliber, you should solicit the help of an experienced pilot until you have become comfortable with it.  .  Because of its performance capabilities, this product, if not assembled and operated correctly, could cause injury to you or spectators and damage to property.