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86" ARS 300 MkII

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86" ARS 300 MkII
86' ARS 300 MkII
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The 411:
  • Wing Span - 86"
  • Length - 87"
  • Height - 23"
  • Wing Area - 1225 sq in. (1395 sq in. w/ fuse)
  • AUW (dry) - 17 - 18 lbs.
  • Gas Power - 50cc to 60cc
  • Electric Power - 5500+ Watt motor, 135amp ESC, 12s 5000mah lipo
  • Radio - Recommended 6 channel with 5 high torque metal-geared servos, 1 high speed throttle servo
  • IMAC Legal!
Recommended CG Range and Control Throws
  • The center of gravity (CG) range for the ARS 300 is located ¼” to ¾”, measured from the front of the wing tube insert located in the fuselage.
  • Aileron Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Elevator Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Rudder Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - Max Throw (50% Exp)
What's in the box:
  • Pre-hinged, glued and sealed ailerons & elevators
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Removable horizontal stabs & rudder
  • G10 fiberglass control horns
  • Aluminum reinforced landing gear mount
  • Aluminum reinforced firewall
  • Full-length tuned pipe/canister tunnel
  • Tuned Pipe/Canister muffler mounts
  • Heavy duty foam wheels with aluminum hubs
  • Heavy duty steel axles
  • Thick heavy duty pre-drilled wheel pants
  • Pre-drilled & rubber lined landing gear cuffs
  • Firewall drilling templates for common engines
  • Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires (turnbuckle also included for push-pull option)
  • High quality ball links & turnbuckles for all connections
  • Extra hardware bag for spares
  • Velcro for fuel tank or battery restraint
  • All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote, available in 2 color schemes
    • Origin Scheme (White HANU870, Orange HANU877, Midnight Blue HANU885, Silver HANU881)
    • Fusion Scheme (White HANU870, Pearl Purple HANU847, Fluor Lime HANU893, Pearl Charcoal HANU846, Silver HANU881)
NOTE: This product is shipped in two separate boxes.
The main box measures 83"L x 16"W x 20"H (45 lbs. total), The wing box measures 43"L x 25"W x 8"H (20 lbs. total).

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:
Also needed to complete:

ARS Build Video Series
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Rating Sir
I've watched fellow pilots with aj aircraft. Always impressed with the looks and flight characteristics. My wife's response was "WOW, I really like those colors!". I live fairly close to aj aircraft so I picked this ARS 300 up myself. I could have talked with Tim for hours. Wonderful person enjoying this hobby like the rest of us. He sees a value in quality and requires that for these beautiful aircraft. Thanks for being so awesome aj aircraft.
Reviewed by:  from South Central Michigan . - 9/15/2021
Rating Nicest ARF owned
This is by far the nicest ARF I've ever seen or had. Packaging was over the top. Wings were triple boxes. Entire plane is first class quality. All wings were hinged and hinged correctly. Rudder is removable which is fantastic. Covering looks amazing. And there is a ton of quality hardware. Everything you need even components to mount canister muffler. Can't wait to fly it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Idaho. - 4/5/2021
Rating An old pattern flyer
I just received my 86 inch ARS 300 and I couldn't be happier. It had no damage and every part is perfect.The workmanship is amazing.I can't wait to fly this one.The AJ Aircraft team are the best. Thank You, Joe Valvo
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Rome, New York. - 3/26/2021
Rating 86” ARS 300
Just finished the assembly and I was truly impressed with the quality. The only small things I did not like was the control horn on rudder, not having a 4/40 bolt in bottom of cowling which I added, the side cowl bolts are hard to access, and turnbuckles just barely long enough if using the bottom holes with 1.5” servo arms. This plane could truly be ready to fly in 10 hrs if you just slung it together. It came in at exactly 17 lbs and will try the DA 50 just to see how it flys it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Purcell. - 2/21/2019
Rating Outstanding airframe!
This is a superb option for size, cost, quality and flight characteristics! It goes together VERY quickly - because a ton of things are done for you already. It fits perfectly in my SUV and is my go-to plane when I want to throw the sticks around and see what happens. Be sure to check out my review & video at RCGroups & FlyingGiants!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Raleigh. - 10/17/2018
Rating Mnager
AJ quality is IMHO one of the best in the business.. The packaging is beyond what is needed. The plane itself was just about perfect out of the box. Built but not flown yet! Have flown others so I can say it is an awesome plane to fly. Liked AJ so bought the 93" Laser and the Green Raven being delivered next week! Makes for an awesome fleet..
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Alexandria. - 10/13/2018
The process started with talking with Tim Jesky . He was helpful, spent a lot of time responding to questions. So, I pulled the trigger. (Might be the wrong metaphor to used in these times). Upon receipt of the merchandise, I found the shipping container (for lack of a better description “the boxes”) to be well constructed. Double boxed, with reinforced areas for the inner box and the wing(s) inner box had wood cradles to protect the box/wings. The fuse, rudder, and stab were securely fastened to the interior box. Misc parts in a separate compartmented area within the large container. There was no damage to the plane at all even though the exterior box looked like it had a rough trip across the country. Having control surfaces pre-glued and sealed really speeds up the assembly process. I liked that carbon fiber is used where it will provide the most structural integrity. The Ultra coat was for the most part wrinkle free. I still went over all the seams with an iron and after final assembly I used a heat gun. This is done with all my models. Also, in any area that I could reach I used CA on all the joints etc I like the simplicity of the design using two screws to attach the landing gear fairing to the main gear. On that note: One thing that stood out for me is everything aligned correctly during assembly. Most ARF’s have issues with aligning the mounting bolts in the fuse to secure the cowl/ canopy or wheel pants etc. A lot of ARF’s don’t align …..but that is not the case with ARS 300.86” Simply stated, all you have to do is install servos, control horns, motor, ignition, fuel tank, fuel hose and you’re pretty much done. The Ultra coat is applied well. By that I mean you can actually see the overlay at the seams. Many ARF have the Ultra coat butted up at the seam or very little over lay. The motor box is re-enforced with “L” brackets and bolts. Nice feature to have up front, especially considering single cylinder engines vibrate more than twins. This is the first ARF I’ve purchased with a removable rudder. The rod and hinges aligned perfectly and went together without issue. To date, I have to say this is the best ARF I’ve built. I’ve built Wild Hare, Aero Works, Extreme Flight, Precision Aerobatics, etc.; I highly recommend this ARF to anyone. At this time I can’t comment on flight characteristics because I haven’t flown it yet. I’m looking forward to that this weekend if the weather is nice.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Palmdale, California. - 3/30/2018
Rating Outstanding Airplane
I can honestly say that I was blown away at the quality of the airframe and complete complement of hardware. A couple of times I was surprised to find the proper socket head hardware installed where needed. One worth mentioning, I studiously looked at all the individual, well labeled hardware bags to identify hardware used to mount the horizontal stabilizers….there it was, thoughtfully, finger tight in the fuselage. So,... using the videos I had absolutely no problems during assembly. I installed a DLE 55 instead of the DA engine but it was easy to modify the included DA engine mount template. Maiden flight needed just one or two clicks to trim and I was immediately impressed by how responsive and straight this plane flew with the suggested throws/Expo. Very responsive rolls, lots of elevator authority, knife edge with practically no yaw or roll correction needed. Stall turn was a thing of beauty, then the engine died… Ok, damaged the cowl and one of the wheel pants when I couldn't make it back to the runway. Replacement parts were quickly on the way thanks to Tim. I can’t wait to fly this plane again.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles, CA. - 2/7/2018
Rating One Fun Airplane!
This bird is definitely a winner in my books! It tail authority is crazy and does all the popular high energy XA maneuvers of today and yet tracks as precisely as the Laser 230's. I was very pleasantly surprised when I first flew my ARS, I knew to expect a very well rounded flyer but I wasn't ready for how much more awesome it was than I was expecting! And the best part is whether you have a 50 or 60cc engine or an electric setup you wont be disappointed as the 83" ARS performs great with a wide variety of setups. This one has earned a permanent spot in my hangar.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. - 7/28/2017
Rating New Benchmark
I have assembled PAU, EF, 3DHS and this is the best. Drilled holes for retaining clips in the axles - 1st set of cuffs I have ever installed (I am not splitting tubing and gluing it to a cuff) - No hinges to glue - The most completed ARF I have every assembled - tiller tailwheel (no stupid springs to screw with) - Wheel pants that will survive tall grass (without having to modify) - Everything fits! AJ's wing bags - I got those for the plane and I have got to tell you they are the best I have, period. Better than Caroline's (Carden). They fit and the padding is very thick. You can not go wrong with them - best $75 you can spend.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Denver, NC. - 12/21/2016
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