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67'' ARS 300

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67'' ARS 300
67" ARS 300 in the Fusion Scheme (shown without optional SFGs)
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The 411:
  • Wing Span - 67"
  • Length - 67"
  • Height - 17"
  • Wing Area - 950 sq in.
  • AUW (dry) - 8.5 - 9 lbs.
  • Electric Power - 1900+ Watt motor, 120amp ESC, 6s 3300mAH - 5000mAH lipo
  • Radio - Recommended 5 channel with 4 high torque servos
  • IMAC Legal!
Recommended CG Range and Control Throws
  • The center of gravity (CG) range for the ARS 300 is located 1" (+/- 1/2") in front of the wing tube.
  • Aileron Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Elevator Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Rudder Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 30 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - Max Throw (50% Exp)

What's in the box:
  • ARS 300 fuselage covered in genuine Ultracote
  • Carbon fiber reinforced firewall, pre-drilled for your motor
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement throughout fuselage
  • Carbon fiber reinforced landing gear mount
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Carbon fiber main and tail landing gear
  • Color matched fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Color matched, one piece plastic canopy
  • Color matched landing gear cuffs ready for quick install
  • Main wings with pre-hinged, sealed ailerons
  • Elevator and rudder surfaces pre-hinged and ready to be glued
  • Dual ball links and turnbuckles for all connections
  • Optional Side Force Generators (SFGs) included
  • Light weight foam wheels with steel axles
  • Individual bags of high quality hardware
  • G-10 control horns
  • Foil main wing bags
  • Genuine Ultracote covering in 2 color scheme choices:
    • Origin Scheme (White HANU870, Orange HANU877, Midnight Blue HANU885, Silver HANU881)
    • Fusion Scheme (White HANU870, Pearl Purple HANU847, Fluor Lime HANU893, Pearl Charcoal HANU846, Silver HANU881)
NOTE: This product is shipped in a single box measuring 57"L x 21"W x 11"H (28 lbs. total).

Andrew flies this airframe with the following equipment:
Also needed to complete:
Customer Reviews
Rating Very Nice!
Well boxed and protected for shipping. All parts were in their own protective bags. The clear packing tape used to hold the wing bags in the box left a sticky residue on the wing bags when the tape was removed. Separate and clearly marked hardware bags for each assembly operation. The aileron turnbuckles spun on the connecting rods, rendering the turnbuckles useless. Adjusting the rod to its final precise length requires detaching one end of the rod from its control horn and turning one of the ball links in the correct direction depending on whether it was on the right or left hand threaded end of the rod. A simple rod with right-hand threads on both ends would be better. The mounting pocket for the horizontal stabilizer required filing to allow the stabilizer far enough forward. I mounted the stabilizer so the trailing edge lined up with the front edge of the clearance hole for the elevator joiner. The clearance hole thru the fuselage for the elevator joiner needed enlarging to prevent interference on the joiner. The mounting position of the elevator servo with the servo arm pointing down results in a less than optimal geometry with the control horn on the elevator. If the elevator servo mount was lower on the fuselage, then the servo arm could be pointed up instead of down and all the geometry would be nearly square. The instructions call for a pull-pull rudder. However, the fuselage includes a servo mount for a push-pull rudder and two different length turnbuckle connecting rods are included. After installing with a push-pull rudder, I found that the weight of the servo in the tail required the battery to be so far forward under the cowl for proper CG balance that the battery could not be easily reached for plugging and unplugging. When I switched to pull-pull, I was able to move the battery back about 3 inches. Use the pull-pull as instructed. Using: 440KV Scorpion motor, 18x8 Xoar electric wood prop, 6S 5500mAh 65C Pulse batteries, Castle ICE 100 ESC, and Hitec HS-7985MG servos in all positions. All up weight is 9 lbs. This plane flies great! It needed just a few clicks of up elevator trim and just a bit of aileron trim. Flies nice and straight during knife edge. On landing it is very stable and descends at a nice even pace. Getting about 6.5 to 7 minutes flight time. The set screws in the collars that hold the tail gear in position do not sufficiently grab the wire. I will try grinding a flat on the wire.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Wisconsin. - 8/24/2020
Rating Excellent First IMAC Plane
Packaged very well, and comes with some of the best, complete instructions I have seen. Construction of the ARF is excellent and of very high quality. Went together easily and flies great, took very little trimming. Was very impressed with how well the this airplane flies and performs basic IMAC maneuvers.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Marana, Az. . - 6/13/2020
Rating 67" ARS 300- Wonderful plane.
It's a beauty. I powered it with Rimfire 1.20 motor and with a Admiral 5000mah 50c, 22.2V battery. Flies like a beast. All parts have an exact fit. Easy to fly. Best plane I've had.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Florida. - 5/30/2020
Rating ARS review
This airplane is expertly designed, built, packaged, and delivered. It fly’s better than expected. I powered it with the electric power system recommended and found it to be perfect at elevation 4500’. Our field is rough in places, but the gear holds up well. With the latest Pilot planes, the gear breaks out if you look at them wrong! For a little more money, this is a vastly superior product and well worth the investment.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Twin Falls. - 10/3/2018
Rating ARS-300. 67”
Awesome plane! Great performance at both low and high speed. Excellent characteristics post stall. Great quality and unbeatable customer service.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Simpsonville . - 12/24/2017
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