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60'' Laser 230z

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60'' Laser 230z
60'' Laser 230z
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The 411:
  • Wing Span - 60"
  • Wing Area- 740 Sq. In.
  • Length - 57" (Without spinner)
  • AUW (dry) - 5 - 6 lbs.
  • Electric Power - AJ4020-14P/530KV 5S-6S, 90amp ESC (5s 3700-4400mah)/(6s 3000-4000mah) 1400-1600 watts
  • Radio - 5 channel with 4 high torque mini servos
What's in the box:
  • Pre-hinged control surfaces ready to be glued
  • Carbon fiber main and tail landing gear
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Carbon fiber reinforced landing gear mount
  • Color matched fiberglass wheel pants and gear cuffs
  • Foil Wing bags
  • Optional Side Force Generators (SFGs) included
  • Light weight foam wheels
  • Complete hardware package
  • G-10 control horns
  • Dual ball links and turnbuckles for all connections
  • Genuine Ultracote covering in 2 color scheme choices including the new Patriot scheme
    • Retro Scheme: True Red HANU866, White HANU870, Bright Yellow HANU872
    • Patriot Scheme: True Red HANU866, White HANU870, Midnight Blue HANU885, Bright Yellow HANU872
NOTE: This product is shipped in a single box measuring 55"L x 20"W x 10"H (19 lbs. total).

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:
Also needed to complete:

Let's kick it up a notch!

Check out the graphics packages made especially for the Laser 230z by B & E Graphics!

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Rating Finally managed to get one!
I have been flying other brands for many years for IMAC and freestyle aerobatics. Finally got a 60" laser. I would say it was one of the best builds to date. Fantastic hardware and little details like 1/2 the hinges glued in. Took 4 hours to build. Flys fantastic. More locked in than my 60" Extra from the other guys (: Recommend 100%.
Reviewed by:  from New Zeland. - 11/30/2020
Rating Favorite Plane!!!
This is the best flying plane I own!! it is rock solid out of the box.... fly's like it is on rails Fun Fun Fun...That's all I can say!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Massachusetts . - 11/7/2017
Rating Owner
Ailerons were only slightly warped, but was able to reduce gap on wings to only 1/8" after using covering iron to tighten covering. The rest of assembly went smoothly. Plane looks great and will test later with an AXI 4120 (5s). I appreciate the quality craftsmanship used to design this plane.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Henderson,Ky . - 8/5/2017
Rating Very happy customer
I chose this airplane because I had a 51 AJ slick a few years ago that I loved and was not crazy about the new versions of the slicks. I am glad I made this choice - this plane is a fantastic flyer. Tracks great, knife-edge for days - I even did my first knife edge loop! It also seems pretty easy on batteries - I'm using pulse 3700s and get 6 1/2 minutes of flight time easily. The plane is light but really well built - very solid. It just is a great all-around package. Looking forward to getting either a 105 Laser or the ARS. Either way, definitely another AJ!
Reviewed by:  from Stoughton, WI. - 4/25/2017
Rating Happy Customer
Bought this plane to have something that would fit on the back seat of my truck. Wow! Was I surprised at how well it flys. Flys like it's in rails and goes great with the Hacker A50XS motor.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Shreveport LA. - 4/16/2017
Rating Great Airplane
What a great airplane. I have flown several 60 ish sized similar airplanes. This plane flys great. It is very versatile allowing a pilot to play and get comfortable with it. Tracks well n low rates it is doscile predictable and smooth. On high rates it flips and tumbles with the best. I love the 5 cell battery option works well to have something that uses pattern batteries. Will be keeping an eye on additional offerings to come. The hank you all for a great plane and experience.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lexington Park MD. - 2/14/2017
Rating 60" Laser 230z Awesome!
This plane makes me look good at the field. Slow rolls, knife edge, knife edge loops etc. AJ Aircraft did a great job with this airframe. Looking forward to learning 3D. Thanks!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pinehurst NC. - 11/5/2016
Rating BEST 60" PLANE
My 60 is the best flying plane in its class hands down. I love I, it is precise and locked in. It also flys great low and slow extremely easy to harrier great to hover, and also has almost zero coupling. I would recommend this plane to anyone looking for this size plane. Great job AJ-aircraft thank you.
Reviewed by:  from MI,. - 11/4/2016
Rating Mr.
Great flying plane. Easy to assembly. Have it set up for sport flying. Really nice to fly.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Toledo, Ohio. - 7/6/2016
Rating They don't get any better than this.
This is a great plane, folks. The quality of construction is phenomenal, and now that I've got some air time on it, I'm equally impressed with the way it flies. I have several nice five-footers, and this one is at least the equal of any of them. In fact, I can say that, for me at least, it's probably the best knife-edger I have, and its rudder authority is definitely the best of all. It does vertical knife-edge loops, for example, tighter than any of my other planes. I was actually a little surprised at the rudder authority because the rudder itself is not as big as those on some of my other planes. Is it the SFG design, perhaps, that contributes to it? They're pretty big, and their profile is quite upright. I'm still getting used to how well it does KE flight in general. This thing was born to zoom around rolled over 90 degrees. It's very stable when flying on its wingtips. I still tend to apply too much compensating rudder to maintain altitude. It needs almost none at all, and I'm not used to that. Once again, is that because of the SFG design? It's a fierce knife-edge spinner as well, due to its excellent elevator authority, which was significantly improved when I put an MKS servo on it. I love the way it transitions from a crazed KE spin into a stately, graceful, slow-descending inverted flat spin. That's one of my favorite moves, and it does it beautifully. Low and slow stuff is also easy with this airframe, and I plan on doing a lot more of it than I usually do. It hovers really well, and there's virtually no wing rock at all during high-alpha harriers, upright or inverted. I should be able to do slow, high-alpha KE flight much better with the Laser. I don't do that well at all now, but this will be a great plane to get better at it with. And, along with all of the above, it's a manic tumbler, as well. It's lively and super-quick. It's a violent snapper, and I was happy to find myself suddenly doing my best poptops ever with the Laser, even though I'm still fine-tuning the best stick moves for them. I've put over 25 flights on it in the past week or so, and I've realized that it's starting to feel like a "go-to" plane. It may well turn into the plane I'm most likely to take with me to the flying field. It does everything I want it to, and does it all really well. There are a lot of great five-footers available these days, and this is a superb one. I feel very fortunate to have it.
Reviewed by:  from Southern California. - 5/14/2016
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