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104" ARS 300

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104" ARS 300
104' ARS 300
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The 411:
  • Wing Span - 104"
  • Length - 102"
  • Height -
  • Wing Area -
  • AUW (dry) - 26-28 lbs.
  • Gas Power - 100cc to 120cc
  • Radio - 9 channel with 8 high torque servos (400 oz./in minimum) & 1 throttle servo
  • IMAC Legal!
Recommended CG Range and Control Throws
  • The center of gravity (CG) range for the 104" ARS 300 is located 1-1/2" in front of the wing tube (+/- 1/2")
  • Aileron Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Elevator Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - 45 deg. (50% Exp)
  • Rudder Control Throws
    • Low Rates - 15 deg. (30% Exp)
    • Mid Rates - 35 deg. (40% Exp)
    • High Rates - Max Throw (50% Exp)
What's in the box:
  • Pre-hinged, glued and sealed ailerons & elevators
  • High-quality embroidered cloth wing bags & stab bags
  • 5" carbon fiber spinner pre-cut for two blade prop
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Dual carbon fiber stab tubes
  • Removable horizontal stabs & rudder
  • G10 fiberglass control horns
  • Aluminum reinforced landing gear mount
  • Aluminum reinforced firewall
  • Aluminum standoffs for gas engines
  • Full-length canister tunnel
  • Canister muffler mounts
  • Heavy duty foam wheels with aluminum hubs
  • Heavy duty steel axles
  • Heavy duty pre-drilled wheel pants
  • Pre-drilled & rubber lined landing gear cuffs
  • Firewall drilling templates for common engines
  • Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires
  • High quality ball links & turnbuckles for all connections
  • Extra hardware bag for spares
  • Velcro for fuel tank or battery restraint
  • All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote, available in 2 color schemes
    • Origin Scheme (White HANU870, Orange HANU877, Midnight Blue HANU885, Silver HANU881)
    • Fusion Scheme (White HANU870, Pearl Purple HANU847, Fluor Lime HANU893, Pearl Charcoal HANU846, Silver HANU881)
NOTE: This product is shipped in two separate boxes.
The main box measures 97"L x 20"W x 22"H (59 lbs. total), The wing box measures 53"L x 30"W x 9"H (23 lbs. total).

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:Also needed to complete:
Customer Reviews
Rating Mr
This is an awesome looking plane. The quality is amazing and the build is simple. Just call AJ Aircraft and Tim will answer any questions and set you up with everything you need. One stop shopping with tremendous customer service! This is the second AJ Ive bought amd they are easily my favorite planes. Well built, light and they fly amazingly. Since I bought my 93 Laser members from my club have bought four planes from AJ. Mostly because the planes are terrific and partly because they have helped me progress. The only downside is you will want more!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pittsburgh . - 7/22/2021
Rating ARS 300
I purchased this plane some time ago and wanted to write about the quality and outstanding customer service provided by Tim and AJ. First, the plane is a great air frame, powered by GP 123 on can;s this plane is a rocket and has no bad habits. The recommended CG is questionable but I guess the style of flying dictates where it should be. I love it and recommend this plane to anyone who likes to fly big stable aircraft where it be IMAC or 3D. Now on to the staff at AJ. Well all I can say is they are the model by which most other business people should try to emulate. They are absolutely great to work with and I have personally sent them two additional customers who purchased planes from them because of their caring and professionalism. Great job guys and great planes also.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Summerville, SC. - 7/11/2018
Rating ARS300 Review
Thank you AJ for selling great products. The 104" ARS 300 in my personal opinion is so well thought out in design and aesthetics and I found to perform 3D and IMAC incredibly well. Thanks for Truly Great customer support.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from VA. - 3/1/2018
Rating ARS 300 104" Review
This is my 3rd AJ Aircraft purchase, I have previously purchased 2 Lasers. The ARS is an awesome aircraft, it flies very well and is light for its size. The quality of the kit was excellent with just a few minor issues. The fit of the cowling could have been better, I had issues with the canopy fitting under the lip of the cowling. After opening up some of the holes in the cowling it still doesnt fit correctly and I have to hold down the rear of the canopy to get the screws into the rear of the canopy because of the down pressure from the lip of the cowling on the frant of the canopy. I dont know how this is going to effect the longevity of the cowling and the canopy due to the amount of pressure placed on it during flight and subsequent vibrations it will receive in flight. I suspect they will both start cracking prematurely. Other than the previous issue, the fit and finish of the rest of the kit was stellar, everything fit very well and was easy to assemble. The included hardware was very good and quality was top notch. If I had to find another area to suggest a change, it would be the placement of the cable tube from the rear of the plane is in direct conflict with the rear wingbolt on the one side, the servo extension wires are in the way of the wingbolt. The other suggestion would be on the graphics on the side of the fuselage where they come to a point, dont line up with the leading edge of the wing. This is completely cosmetic in my opinion, and most other people probably dont notice or care about it. Issues aside, the ARS is nothing short of amazing and I will continue to purchase AJ Aircraft in the future as well as recommend them to anyone I fly with. I gave 4 stars only because of the cowling issue, if it hadnt been for that it would be 5 stars!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Malad City, Idaho. - 9/18/2017
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