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About AJ Aircraft

AJ Aircraft is a collaboration of family members Andrew, Joe & Tim Jesky. Led by world class competition aerobatic pilot and designer Andrew Jesky, our goal is to bring to you the very best in quality designed radio controlled aircraft and accessories. Our products are backed with superior customer service and support that comes from our over 75 years of combined aeromodeling experience.

We are proud to introduce the Laser 230z as our first offering The Laser 230z is a classic design that all aerobatic aircraft of today have ties to. We have added our special design enhancements to the aircraft that increases the performance envelope for even the most demanding maneuvers you can throw at it. The AJ Aircraft Laser 230 has been 2 years in development and testing to ensure the aircraft we will give you the best performance in all the sizes we offer. It is in keeping AJ Aircraft companyís standards that we will not release a new product till itís 100% ready. With the new Laser 230z that time is now!

Happy flying!

Andrew Jesky
Joe Jesky
Tim Jesky